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Covid 19 School Updates

To: LaCrosse Patrons and Community
From: Doug Curtis

End of School:
Our last official day of the 2019-2020 will be Thursday June 11th.

We plan to deliver meals through June 11th, which will be our last day of the 2019-2020 school year.

We are beginning to cut back on packet deliveries. June 4th will be the last day any packets will go out to families. June 9th will be the last day we will pick up any packets. Many of our teachers are using online to work with students these next couple of weeks. Contact your teachers if you have any questions.

High School Students will have until June 11 to complete schoolwork for their teachers or they will be given an Incomplete for the 2nd semester of this school year. Students can work on completing class requirements on their own over the summer. If your High School Student receives an Incomplete, he/she will receive information from the school as to how to receive credit.

Student Checkout:
During the week of June 8-11 Students can begin the checkout process by turning in books, chrome books, get items from lockers, etc. Students or families may arrange a time to come to school or they may bring those items to school and wait, if there is a line. Because we are in the Governor’s Phase 2 status, the following will be in place when you report to our office:
Students or families will be let in the building one family unit at a time.
Everyone must have their temperature taken then return books, chrome books, get items from lockers and pay any fines or bills.
There will be someone to greet you at the door and monitor how many people come into the building.

Summer School:
We are hoping to set up a Summer School 2 weeks before our potential startup date in the fall. Summer school could start around August 17. We do not know yet what school in the fall could look like, so we do not have definite plans but want to offer opportunities for students who would like some extra instruction prior to the new school year starting. We will keep you informed about Summer School. If you know you want your student to be part of this summer school, please contact our office so we can create a roster of students.